Our newest apparatus. Meet “Heat Miser”, A 2000 Freightliner/E-one rescue engine recently acquired from North Carolina. It is serving us very well.It is used for structure fires, traffic incidents and much more.Talk about a truck that does it all! 

Engine 801
Rescue Engine

 This engine was just acquired in 2017 and we are very excited about it! We purchased her from a Company near Philadelphia PA from some really great people! This engine is our first out vehicle to structure fires. 

Engine 802

 Our tanker, a Kenworth, may look like a milk truck, but she serves us well! She was built specifically for us in 2006 in Michigan. Her tank holds 2,160 gallons of water. A tanker is a must in a community like ours that does not have hydrants! 

Tanker 80
Tanker (Water Tender)

 One of our two squads, 805, is a 2010 Ford. She was built in Georgia for us. It is primarily used for brush fires, but it also holds medical equipment and other important tools. 


 Our atv is a 6x6 Polaris UTV. It is used for getting to hard to reach areas especially in wooded or off-road areas for wild land fires, or search details. 

ATV 80

 These are our prides! 

Our Fleet
Fire Suppression, EMS